How To Do Polygel Nails- A Beginner’s Guide

We all know how the makeup industry is taking a great troll over everything. And one such enhancement these days is the use of polygel nails. If you are new to this, you must be wondering what polygel nails are? Polygel is an Acrylic and Gel mixture that is used to set the nails artificially. The whole mixture is pretty strong but not very flexible and needs a UV light source to harden up over the nails.

Nail enthusiasts must be aware of its importance and how these artificial nails have helped nail lovers to reduce the need for doing nail shaping and filing.

Generally, individuals who love to get their nails done either do the whole process at home, or they can visit the parlor every time to get polygel nails done for 100 dollars. But if you want to save your money, a little practice can help you get these poly gel nails done at home without paying, but, of course, you need to opt for the products, plus practice is needed. You need to purchase the polygel nail kit and the UV light source to get your nails done perfectly.

What Are The Things You Need To Do Polygel Nails?

  • The first thing comes first. You will need a polygel acrylic nail brush. More or less, the brush is similar to an acrylic nail brush, but for a polygel nail brush, the short required must be short. The short bristles act stiffer and aids in applying a thick and solid layer of polygel over the nails.
  • Next, you will need a gel base and topcoat. Because the polygel nails are gel-base hence both gel-base and topcoat are a basic necessity.
  • Either you can go for transparent polygel nails, or you can purchase colorful ones. If you prefer the colored one, you will not require to paint your polygel nails later, so it saves a lot of time.
  • Before you start putting on the polygel solution, you must prepare the nail base, and for that, you need to have a nail dehydrator and a ph. balanced solution since these two help in the preparation of a solid nail base.
  • You will also be needing a nail buffer for nail preparation.A nail buffer offers two functions. It helps to smooth out the imperfections and make sure the nail structure is sound and smooth.A buffer can either be purchased separately but professionals have a two way buffer.
  • Next, you can either purchase a nail file or an emery board. There isn't going to be a lot of nail filing, so don't go for an electric filer.
  • You also need something to transfer the polygel nail solution from the container to the nail surface; hence go for a nail spatula as these are easily accessible in the market.
  • A nail brush cleaning solution is another important thing. The polygel material comes with its solution called slip solution that helps to take the excess off the nail once we apply the polygel over the nail.
  • Lastly, you need a UV light source to harden up the nails.

How To Do Polygel Nails?

First comes the Full Polygel Nail Kit. If you are willing to give your nails a natural look, you must apply the polygel over the natural nails. And it will work wonders if you create the linear format of your cuticles shaping. The following are the points to follow.

  • The first thing you need to do is do the carving and shaping of the nails to give them the desired look.
  • Next, you have to remove the thinnest nail layer of the cuticle to buff the nail plate.
  • Make sure you remove all of the dirt from the nail surface with the aid of nail polish remover.
  • The next step relies entirely on the brand you are using for the polygel nail. Apply the nail dehydrator over the natural nails, or depending on the brand, you can apply the nail coat.
  • Dry up your nails under the LED light source for about a few seconds
  • Once done, apply the polygel over the nails. Only add a pea-size polygel over the nails. Make sure you don’t add excess amount over the nails as it will disturb the process
  • Applying the polygel over the teeth is done through a brush which adds the correct amount of it over the nail and spreads it evenly.
  • Yet again, cure the nails for a few more seconds to fit them into the nail shape.
  • Now shape the nails and wipe off the excess from the nails
  • Apply gel coat
  • Cure the nails again for 40 to 60 seconds
  • Use a lint-free wipe to remove and clean the nails again

The whole process is an easy one since the steps are precisely jotted down, and once applying to follow the steps.

Next Is The Sculpted Extension

If you want a longer set of nails, you need to opt for the sculpted extension. Though if you read the full set nails protocol, the first initial four steps must be followed the same way as written above, but there's one thing that needs a change. Instead of applying the polygel over the natural tooth directly, an artificial nail form is placed over the natural nail.

Then one must apply the desired amount over the nail form and then sculpt and shape the tooth accordingly. You can add the correct small pea amount to avoid excess. The nails now need to be cured under the led light source. Once cured, remove the nail form and follow steps from the last part as well.


how to do polygel nails


Next Is The Fill-In.

Right after 2 or 3 weeks, the polygel nails require maintenance. Unlike acrylic nails, you don't need to get these replaced every time you go for a manicure; rather, you need to fill in these for maintaining the nails. Polygel nails don't require any removal or replacement. You only need to fill in some amount around the cuticle and, after re-filing, shape the nails according to your style and design. These are some basics that make the polygel nails far more reasonable and appreciated than acrylic nails.

The amount added is pea-size and doesn't excessively add-in. Once added and cured with a light source, remove the excess with the help of a wipe and make sure you carve and shape your nails after the whole process is done. Make sure you have a small brush to add the polygel over the nail surface from its container. Also, when nails are grown a little longer, add the polygel over the cuticle area to fill in the area.

Pink And White Nails.

When you visit the parlor, you can choose a great variety of acrylic nail colors, but the same is the case with polygel nail colors. The POLYGEL nail colors are available in great variety. But always remember that the steps are one way or the other same with each color, but each color has to be applied separately with polygel and needs to be cured evenly for about 40 to 60 seconds with each color nail. The whole process is easily done and for convenience, follow the above steps listed.

How To Apply These Over Short Nails?

The typical five steps that need to be applied over the short nails are as follows.

  • First, take out a pea-size amount of polygel from the tube and cut it through a spatula
  • Now with the help of a small spatula, you can calmly spread it over the nail surface evenly wipe off the nail surface with the nail polish remover and spread out the polygel over the nail surface or the cuticle easily and conveniently
  • You can now cure the polygel over the nails for almost the same time frame, which is 40 to 60 seconds to be exact
  • Now with the help of a nail file, you can wipe off the excess to avoid hassle and excessive over the nail surface.

Even with short nails, you can maintain or refill them after 3 weeks. The maintaining surface is the same as you are required to refill the cuticle over the unfilled surface. The nails might be overgrown, so you can add a little extra over that portion and then cure them with an LED light source and reshape the nails and carve them out the same way as you do it with long nails.

How Much Do These Cost?

Well, it varies from every parlor. If you are looking for transparent polygel nails, you can expect to pay only 50 to 55 dollars, but with colored polygel nails, you can expect a price to go a little higher than you can imagine. The price can go from 80 dollars to 100 dollars. But if you have practice and know how to do the process, you can practice a little over artificial nails and get all the suitable products with tools to get the nails done evenly and perfectly.

The Difference Between The Polygel, Acrylic, And Gel Manicure.

The gel is the less dense and thinnest layer of all. The gel layer is applied over the natural tooth, and it poses the risk of breaking and hence not recommended at all.

Next is the acrylic powder or monomer to be used. If you are interested in keeping thick and long nails, you must opt for acrylic nails, and these require a strong smell monomer with them.

Lastly, the polygel nails. As discussed above the polygel nails need not to be replaced and therefore requires only refilling. The polygel nails need refiling after 2 or 3 weeks. The refilling is done around the cuticle area if the nails are overgrown. Also, the curving and shaping of the polygel nails are highly important. The curing of the nails with the led light source is important and is to be done for 60 seconds to be precise. The polygel nails are strong and durable but a little flexible and therefore proper curing is required to eliminate the need to be flexed or break. Use the precise amount of seconds to get the polygel nails done and that is 60 seconds.

How Long Does Polygel Manicure Last?

The ideal time frame for the polygel nails is approximately 3 or 4 weeks. The polygel manicure lasts and depends on the length of your nails and also your routine. If you are always involved in rough and tough activities, there is an early breakage of your nails. But if you have a smooth lifestyle, then they can last for about 4 weeks, to be exact. Replacement is, however, important, and that is done after 2 weeks and requires refilling of the nails around the cuticle area of the nails.

Are These Polygel Manicures Safe?

Yes, these are safe because the whole process is done over a solid platform or board. The solution involved in the solution releases no chemicals. Hence, it is toxic-free, but proper evaluation and a nicely done process is required and should be done with the help of a professional. You must refill the nails over the cuticle area and the carving and the shaping of the nail, which needs to be done with care and determination. If you want to get, use professional help to avoid breakage of your polygel nails as the professionals are in practice to know how to get their job done.


Everyone likes to get their nails done, especially if they are a die heart fan of these nail outlooks. Previously acrylic nails were way too common. And were done with ease and comfort, but recently the polygel nails are done and are common. The steps involved are pretty common and reliable and if you perfectly want these done, take professional help for refilling and removal. The polygel nails are toxic-free and are less likely to cause breakage. The cost of both acrylic or polygel nails is one way or the other similar.