How To Apply Polygel With And Without Forms

It is essential to know what a polygel is. It is a hybrid of both hard gel and acrylic, but the most relevant feature states that it is neither hard gel or acrylic. It extracts the essential benefits out of these two substances. It is more of a mixture of hard gel and acrylic, and these are commonly used nowadays by nail technicians. Everyone wants to get polygel nails and their extensions. 

The rise in polygel nail kit popularity has grown a lot over the last few years. Polygel comes with a complete kit consisting of a base coat, a topcoat, slip solution, and a led light source for curing. Well, polygel comes straight out of a tube and without led light it fails to harden up and stays intact in its position over the natural nail.

Are All Nail Polygel The Same, Or Is There Any Difference?

Well, polygel comes in different colors and molds and therefore shows dissimilarities compared to acrylic and hard gel. Polygel nails are much lighter on nails as compared to the rest types. It is a natural process that requires easy handling. The components involved are also few, and the process can be completed much earlier. The polygel nails are non-toxic since they release little or no toxins in the air. 

One can keep the polygel nails for almost 4 weeks without replacing them; however, refiling is easily done, and it is required as well. Not to forget, polygel nails are far easier to be shaped and carved as compared to acrylic or hard gel. You can easily contour the shape, and for this purpose, all you are required is to have an e-file or electric file to finish the task easily.

Why Choose Polygel Instead Of Acrylic?

The answer is quite briefly explained. Previously acrylic was used in copious amounts over nails, and it poses a lot of issues. The first acrylic monomer has a very strong smell, and with such a strong aroma, people can get headaches easily. Secondly, when working with acrylic, there are chances of its droplets falling into the air and staying in the air for long. 

Some certain spas or parlors hinder the use of acrylic because of the disadvantages as mentioned above. Therefore polygel are most commonly used. These are composed of a liquid and acrylic powder with led harder gel. There is no monomer present or required while working with polygel. These features make polygel durable, strong, flexible, and much lighter in weight. Being flexible does not mean that polygel isn't going to stay intact over the nails.

Still, it reduces the possibility of causing severe headaches or release of any toxic substance in the air. Polygel may fall over the table and get hard, but chances of entering the air are pretty rare, and polygel comes with no strong smell but has a very light and faint smell or fragrance that is sweet to smell.

Facts You Need To Know About Polygel

The fun facts are more or less the same as discussed above.

  • The first thing is the polygel slip solution. Don’t mistake it over a monomer because it is not. The slip solution has the potential to keep the polygel over the nail without falling or distorting.
  • The drying time required for polygel nails is 40 seconds when used with the led light source and 2 minutes to be precise with Uv light.
  • The polygel is much stronger, flexible, and durable as compare to hard gel
  • It is not hard gel but instead a mixture of acrylic and hard gel
  • To work well with it, you must opt for its kits
  • The overall cost with polygel nails if you visit a parlor naturally depends but can be 100 dollars and no more.
  • The filer and base coat, and top coat are required while working with polygel nails.
  • Don't mistake the name since the word slip is associated with clay work.
  • There are different methods for applying polygel nails, and similarly, there are techniques that can help remove the polygel nails with ease and comfort.
  • Acquire professional help for applying and removal of nails.

How To Apply Polygel With The Dual Forms?


Applying polygel over the nails is not an easy task to do so, and on youtube, you can search several techniques that can help you find the best ways to apply polygel over-extensions. For starters, we have dual forms for applying for Polygel Extensions. The process is easy and user-friendly as well. The tools you need are simple ones such as a nail cutter, file with different speeds with cuticle oil and shaper for the nails, and of course you need a polygel kit that consists of the slip solution.

The procedure involved is:

  • The first most important thing involved is to prepare the nails with nail cutters for removing the extensions, or if you prefer to keep the nails extended, keep it that way. Shape and prepare the nails with a cutter or filer and be gentle and avoid scratches.
  • Next, you need to apply a very thin layer of the base coat over the natural nail and cure it for 30 to 40 seconds for perfect consistency. The base coat is thin and causes no bumpiness when applied over the nail, so it's harmless.
  • When done applying the base coat and curing it with a light source, here is the main part. Select the dual forms for each finger separately and determine the perfect size that fits well with each finger of your hand. Take your time and determine the sizes before you jump on to the next part of the polygel nails.
  • Here comes the basic part. Now, after you are done determining the perfect sizes of your dual form for each fingernail now, you are required to pour a small amount of polygel over the dual forms. Avoid pouring a lot because you always tend to add more if you want to.
  • When polygel is added over the dual form, you must take a small brush and dip it onto the slip solution because now you need to smooth out the polygel over the dual forms before you cure it to the nail. Keep normal thickness for polygel don’t spread aggressively. Well, if by any means you don’t have a slip solution use a base coat but trust me the slip solution works wonders and keeps the polygel intact and smooth. If both are not present, you can also use alcohol if you have any.
  • Now attach the dual forms according to each fingernail of yours and cure it for about 60 seconds so that it attaches perfectly without any such complication.
  • When you have attached the dual form, you can now check whether the polygel is cured well or not. When cured properly you must shape and carve the nail with ease and convenience. You can use a filter to accomplish all the processes and don’t file a lot because you might scrape extra polygel or natural layers of your nails.
  • Apply some cuticle oil or buffer for smoothing and polishing and moisturizing your hands.

How To Apply Polygel Without Dual Forms?

The process for applying polygel without dual forms is one way or the other, except the fact that you don’t need to use the dual forms for stability or complication. Well, a nail technician knows every procedure for applying the polygel over the nails. The process is the same, and you need a kit with it as it supplies you with certain tools and solutions for working your nails best. And if you don't have a slip solution, you can use alcohol or a base coat to get the job done easily and quickly.

The steps involved are easy, and if you have professional help, you can do it quickly. First, cut your nail extensions because it is easier to work on, but choices are yours if you don't want to cut the overgrown nails; your choices are yours entirely. Apply a base coat after you are done finishing preparing the natural nails of yours. When an applied base coat is present in the kit or can be purchased separately, cure it with a led light source for 30 or 40 seconds. The process up till now is similar to the above stated.

Next is to apply the polygel out from the tube and pour it directly over to your nail. Fun part polygel does not lose its consistency or falls out of proportion. The polygel layers stay intact. With the aid of a brush, you can spread it evenly over the nail and cure it for another few seconds. Now when cured, you can shape the nails with your filer or electric file. Make sure you don't scrape extra layers of polygel with the filer. Once filled, you can apply cuticle oil or use a buffer to smooth out the imperfection and apply moisturizer over the hands for softness.

How Long Does The Polygel Nails Manicure Last?

The polygel nails are much stronger and flexible as compared to the other types available so far. The polygel is a hybrid of hard gel and acrylic, so no monomer is present in it. The polygel nails can stay well for up to 3 or 4 weeks, and even after that, you are required to get their refilling done around the cuticle and the overgrown nail parts. Even after 4 weeks, you don't need to replace the nails as they can stay intact for as long as you can if you are not involved in rough work.

Apart from refiling and stuff, polygel nail kit comes in many different colors such as warm white or soft pink. Many other colors are coming your way apart from the two listed. You must cure each color separately for a long life. When you are done with polygel nail application, and you are still craving for more, you can add creativity to the nails with the help of décor or tiny designs with the help of glitter or shimmer. Many people add stickers to the polygel nails to add more color and creativity to the nails.

How Easy It Is To Work With Polygel?

Working with polygel is far much easier as compared to working with hard gel or acrylic. As stated many times, polygel is a mixture of liquid and acrylic powder with a hard gel-led light source, so it comes pretty handy to work with. The nail technicians have stated that polygel nails are far easier to use, applied, and removed. The mixture of polygel is of a putty consistency, so chances of distortion and falling are very rare with polygel nails and hence most commonly used these days.

Another important feature is that polygel nails are toxin-free, which means there are no polygel particles seen in the air while working. Polygel is lighter in weight, so you won't feel a thing when applied over your nails. Polygel is flexible enough, which means you can shape them easily without discomfort. Polygel has no monomer, so no strong smell is reported with such nails. And no headache is caused with polygel, which is pretty common with acrylic as it has a very strong monomer smell that is tough to handle sometimes; thus, all these factors favor polygel as it is safe and easy to use and causes no heat spikes. You may encounter heat spikes if you mistreat it, but it is very rare, and cost-wise, polygel isn’t that costly.


If you are interested in getting your polygel nails done, seek professional help because mistreatment may cause heat spikes, and cost-wise it is only 80 to 100 dollars, and you can keep these for 4 weeks and get the nails refilled again for another 4 weeks or so. So polygel is safe and trendy to be used.