• 20 New Coffin Nail Ideas to Try In 2022

    What are Coffin Nails? It seems obvious from the name coffin. Coffin nails are of the same shape as coffins used to bury people. Coffin Nails are ...
  • How To Do Polygel Nails- A Beginner’s Guide

    We all know how the makeup industry is taking a great troll over everything. And one such enhancement these days is the use of polygel nails.Everyone likes to get their nails done, especially if they are a die heart fan of these nail outlooks. So, here is a detail guide on how to do polygel nails.

  • How To Remove Polygel Nails- Most Compelling Ways To Do So

    The polygel nails have some of their exclusive features and extract a tiny portion from the acrylic nails. The application of the polygel nails is effortless. Their removal is also pretty easy to do so but try using professional help until you are experienced enough to know how to remove these from the nails.
  • How To Apply Polygel With And Without Forms

    It is essential to know what a polygel is. It is a hybrid of both hard gel and acrylic, but the most relevant feature states that it is neither hard gel or acrylic. It extracts the essential benefits out of these two substances. It is more of a mixture of hard gel and acrylic, and these are commonly used nowadays by nail technicians. Everyone wants to get polygel nails and their extensions.