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How to Proceed With Polygel Nails?

Polygel acrylic nail brush

This brush is equivalent to the brush we use to paint acrylic nails, but the bristles of poly gel nail brushes are slightly shorter. These short bristles aid the brush to stiffen and apply a thick polygel effortlessly.

Polygel colours

One can use these polygel colours if one doesn't want to apply nail colour later on.

Nail file or emery board

A nail file or an emery board

As during polygel nail art, there is no need to do much filling, so an electric drilling board is not necessary to do best with a nail file or an emery board.

Base coat and Top coat

Gel base and top coat

The gel theme is a primary base of polygel nails. So gel base and top coat are also vital.

Slip solution

Slip solution

Polygel also creates its own nail brush cleaning solution named slip solution, which wipes off polygel from brushes after performing polygel nail art.

Nail lamp

A UV LED nail lamp

UV nail lamps emit ultraviolet radiations that are used to dry or cure acrylic or poly nail gels that we apply on our nails. They are very easy to use and convenient.

How to Apply Polygel Nails

If you are a beginner and are looking for a short and comprehensive guide on How to apply polygel nails professionally and grant your nails with elegancy, here is a step by step procedure:

1. Firstly you should wash your hands with warm water and a bar of soap or a hand wash.

2. The second crucial step of the procedure is the trimming of nails into adored shapes.

3. Next is to gently remove the loose cuticle (thin layer of tissues attached to the nails) off the nail surface.

4. Now it's time to clean your nails with cleaning solutions. All you have to do is sponge your nails with a lint-free cloth, or a wipe dipped in alcohol or a nail cleaning solution to wipe off all the debris and make your nails free from oily substances.

5. Now gently buff your nail's surface with a suitable buffer.

6. It is time to apply a water-draining and pH-balanced solution (nail preparation solution) on the nail's surface and let it dry.

With Polygel, this can be done in two ways: short nails or extended nails.

How to use polygel nail kit

Steps to do polygel overspread on short nails:

1. Gently press the polygel tube from the polygel kit to get a pea-sized amount of polygel. Because you only need this much amount to proceed with this method.

2. Cut this polygel off with a thin spatula, press it, and spread it over the nail's surface to cover the area of the nail.

3. The next thing to do is make this polygel wet with a slip solution or rubbing alcohol, with the help of a brush to make it thinner, mould it along the cuticle, and set it into the desired and perfect shape.

4. Now set your polygel nail under the UV light source for a time limit of 30 seconds.

5. The last but not the minor thing is cleaning the excessive polygel utilizing nail file, cleaning it up, and applying a top gel coat to give it a final look.

6. Now your polygel nails from the assistance of the polygel nail kit are ready.

Incised polygel nail extensions:

If you are looking for somewhat more long nails, then sculpted extensions are designed for you. In this process, the first four steps are almost the same, and the main difference is that here instead of placing polygel directly on the natural nail, a nail form is placed on the top edge of the natural nail. Then it is shaped, cured with LED lights, and more steps are taken to meet the required standards.

How to Remove Polygel Nails

If you ought to Remove your polygel nails, you must start by thinning down the thickness of these nails. You can physically do this with the aid of a nail file, or an emery board. If you want to do this swiftly, you will have to learn about the usage of nail drill well.

While thinning down the polygel layer, do leave a thin layer of the polygel over the nail's surface to avoid accidentally filing down and thinning your nails in this process. The last step is removing the remaining polygel either by soaking up your nails or enclosing them in acetone.

Now take some new acetone to clean up your nails, and wash your hands with soap and water.

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